Pool Acid Washing Ventura County, CA

Blast Away The Grime & Algae

If your pool is filthy, covered in spots, or has blooms of algae growing on the surface of the plaster, then it is most likely time to have an acid wash performed on your swimming pool. Acid cleaning your swimming pool can restore the shimmer to even the dirtiest of swimming pools.

A pool acid wash is a process that removes a small layer of plaster, exposing the clean plaster under the dirt, grime, discolorations, and algae that may have developed on the surface of your pool. We are the very best choice for this swimming pool service in Ventura County.

If your pool is relatively clean, but you’re looking to return your swimming pool to a bright white shine sparkle, then an acid wash is also an excellent choice for you. An acid wash will get rid of mineral discolorations or deposits, dirt spots, and chlorine stains. Let our pool draining pipes and cleaning up professionals in Ventura County make your swimming pool shine intensely was new. Call us today!

The chemicals and acids utilized to remove your pool surface can be unsafe, and appropriate precautions must be taken. Our pool technicians know how to safeguard workers, pool equipment, and the environment.

Do not gamble with your swimming pool surface area, pool equipment, or chance getting you household or family pets ill with chemicals. Acid washing should not be done every year because it removes the leading layer of plaster from your poof surface area. However, every couple of years, give Primary Pool Services a call and to handle the careful work of acid washing your pool.

In Ventura County, we are the best option when you need your swimming pool cleaned up. Our pool technicians are skillfully trained and have years of experience servicing swimming pools in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Ventura, Simi Valley, Oxnard, and surrounding locations.

Call us today to put our expert techs to deal with your pool.