Ventura County Pool Cleaning

How We Get You Swim-Ready

Regular monthly swimming pool cleaning with the best pool cleaner in Ventura County, CA consists of everything your need to keep your pool looking amazing. Each one of our extremely trained technicians always arrives at the most hassle-free time for your schedule, fully prepared, every single month without any trouble.

Each visit, they will come out and, first off, assess the nature of your swimming pool’s cleanliness and how it may have changed. All pool surface areas will be examined, including the water surface area, the pool bottom, the sides, and the decks, to guarantee that even the tiniest defect or blemish gets repaired.

They will also test the water chemicals and adequately balance the PH levels and alkaline levels to ensure that the water is 100% safe to swim in.

Once they are finished evaluating the water quality, they move on to vacuuming the pool. They ensure that all dirt and particles that might have fallen into the swimming pool are out and appropriately discarded.

Lastly, once the surfaces are all inspected, the water quality is safe, and the whole pool sparkles; our professionals inspect with a trained eye the equipment and how it is functioning. All devices, including filters, drain systems, and valves, are examined to ensure that they will continue operating at optimal capability for the next month.

When the visit is finished, our service technicians ensure that your home and swimming pool are both left precisely how it was with the addition of a great-looking pool. All devices will be put away, all dirt and debris vacuumed up, and there will be no trace that they were even there.

If something further needs to be finished, feel confident that our technicians will inform you if more action is necessary upon completing the regular monthly cleaning.

The 23-Point Pool Inspection

Water Chemical Maintenance & Pool Chemicals

1. Chlorine – maintain
2. Chloramines – maintain
3. Total Chlorine (includes Chloramines) – maintain
4. pH (Potential Hydrogen) – maintain
5. TA (Total Alkalinity) – maintain
6. Calcium Hardness (Water Hardness) – check (this is a startup chemical)
7. Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer / Conditioner) – check (this is a startup chemical)
8. Temperature (For pH Factor Calculation) – check
9. Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point) – check
10. Salt Content – maintained on saltwater pools
11. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – check

The 23-Point Pool Inspection

12. Skimmer baskets checked & emptied
13. Pump strainer baskets checked and emptied
14. Filter backwashing monthly for DE Filters and weekly for Sand Filters
15. Sweep debris bags checked and emptied
16. Sweep finger screen / wall screen checked and cleaned
17. Sweep operation checked
18. Valves monitored / maintained for suction and circulation adjustments

Pool Cleaning

19. Brush walls & steps
20. Brush spa
21. Net pool surface & pool bottom
22. Hose Vacuum
23. Venturi / Leaf Vacuum

We Use Family-Safe Solutions

Although our month-to-month service is efficient and economical for our Ventura County Pool Cleaners, there are some other things to keep in the back of your mind when it comes to continually keeping the pool tidy.

The most crucial element of swimming pool cleanliness and safety remains in the chemicals. Your chemicals in your pool need to keep too. These are almost more crucial than any other swimming pool maintenance element since it connects directly to your family’s health and wellbeing.

Keeping the chemicals inside your pool in check means you will keep the micro-organisms and bacteria out of the water that you and your family could potentially swim in.

Suppose you do not treat your pool water appropriately…

In that case, it is almost guaranteed to start growing hazardous pathogens and algae that can be very damaging to anyone exposed to the water. You don’t need to try too hard to pay attention to what you need in keeping your pool’s chemicals in check.

Our qualified professionals will complete our 23 point inspection without any trouble on our regular monthly service strategy. When our specialists come out to your place monthly, they make sure to run the correct tests to figure out the safety and then finish the job by applying the suitable chemicals to ensure the best PH and alkaline levels.

They stand behind a 100% quality warranty that your swimming pool will be completely safe, and the water with not have any pathogens or damaging micro-organisms each month.

Spend Less Time Working on Your Pool


Let’s face it, nobody cares nor has the time to continually inspect their pool to see if something is wrong with it. You’ll either spend your precious time fixing it yourself or looking for a crew to handle the one-offs for you.

What a time-waste…

What you should do is leave it to the pros at Primary Pool Services to come out every month and look after your pool.

In the end, it will be much less complicated. It will wind up saving you money (package!), and all in all, you will be leaving your swimming pool in the best hands it could be in.

You take your family’s health seriously; that’s why we take the safety of your water just as seriously.

Don’t think twice to give us a call and let us breakdown to you how having a regular monthly pool cleaning company can free up your time and have you swim-ready every day.